COVID Policy

The following Safety Management Plan has been adopted for operation of the 2023 course.

Notice of Potential Impacts: The course is subject to alteration, change, postponement, or cancellation based on public health considerations. Safety may dictate that in-person classes be canceled. In the event of any alteration, change, postponement or cancellation prior to the first class, full refunds will be available. However, once the course starts, refunds may not be possible. Once the course starts, Participants should contact the WBC Chair to determine what if any refund may be available. By enrolling in the course you agree to our refund policy and Safety Management Plan.

Symptom Self-Screening

All staff and students should screen themselves before each class and outing for symptoms. A standard checklist will be made available prior to the first class. If anyone has symptoms—COVID or otherwise—they must not attend class or outings. Students should not be concerned that missing a class or outing will foreclose meeting graduation requirements.

Face Masks

Face masks are required at all times while indoors, in any non-family member vehicle, or if requested to do so by WBC staff. Lecturers will not be masked while presenting, but will be socially distanced. This policy was set by the Sierra Club for all Chapters nation-wide.  This policy will be reviewed January 31, 2023 and may be changed.

Eating or Drinking in Classrooms

To reduce mask removal while indoors, there will be no sustained eating or drinking in classrooms. Individual sips of water/beverage will be tolerated as long as the individuals comply with the spirit of the face mask protocol above.

Social Distancing

When possible, classrooms will be arranged to promote social distancing.


Hand sanitizer and wipes will be available in the classroom. Staff and students will be encouraged to sanitize chairs and desks before using them.

Exposure Plan

If a participant on a trip notifies WBC that they have, or may have, COVID-19, WBC will notify every participant on that trip (without revealing the identity of the participant) that they may have been exposed so that they can get tested at their own cost. WBC will not be providing any contact tracing for classroom events.

Non-Compliance with this Safety Management Plan

In the case of student or staff noncompliance with these guidelines, the WBC Chair or outing leader shall inform the individual of their noncompliance and seek immediate compliance. Until such time as compliance is secured, the individual shall not participate in the WBC activity.